Where we are growing

We’re looking for owners of rural/semi-rural land, with a minimum of 6 acres to dedicate to a Billy Bob’s. We’ve identified a limited number of territory protected opportunities across the country where we’re eager to see a Billy Bob’s operating. If you want to inquire about a specific area or to explore what territories are available, please fill in the form at the contact us page.

Who you are

You’re an individual investor, organisation, farm, landowner or estate that recognises a new venture in rural tourism through Billy Bob’s can benefit you, your family, your existing business, your team, your land and your community. We’re interested in meeting likeminded individuals, investors and organisations that have access to, or can raise the required investment to fully open a Billy Bob’s.

The Numbers

Your investment

Franchise joining fee for a single unit £29, 805. Once you’re open we take 5.5% of turnover and ask for a 1.5% contribution to central marketing fund. Total estimated franchise costs range from £2.5 to £3m (excluding land). Term of a Billy Bob’s franchise is 15 years, plus 10 year renewal option..

Your Return on investment

Assuming you start with a fully developed site, that cost £2.6m, including working capital and traded conservatively, the operation might break even in the first year, provide a 3-5% ROI in the second year and then 15-25% ROI in every year thereafter.

We invite you to further investigate this unique business opportunity and the great support we offer.

“All financial figures quoted on this website are estimates based on the actual trading performance of our first company-owned site at Calm Slate Farm.  Like any franchise, we do not guarantee what a franchisee might actually achieve in turnover, profitability or the return on their investment, as this can vary up or down for any franchisee depending on may factors including location, market, size of site, set-up, operation and more.  We will happily go through our own recorded trading figures with every serious applicant and help them to construct a financial plan tailored to their own development.”